Letter of Recommendation Karen Lopez

Dear PASS Nomination Committee:

I’m honoured  to recommend Allen Kinsel for election to a PASS Board position. During Allen’s previous PASS Board service, I had many opportunities to work with him on chapter issues, including efforts to reboot the Toronto PASS chapter.   Allen also led efforts to make the PASS website better for many community services.  During my conversations with him about “just one more thing.” Allen was always open more suggestions and ensured that they were managed appropriately.  I can’t emphasize enough how important that sort of attitude is to the community.

I am confident that Allen will be responsive to member questions and feedback, just like he has always done in the past and continues to do with his current roles.  I also admire Allen’s understanding of board governance given how important that is to an association making changes to scope and bylaws due to global growth.  I think his previous recent experiences on the Board will be invaluable to these efforts, too.

Allen brings with him a great sense of humour, a strong sense of team and most importantly, a focus on community.  PASS is many things, but ultimately it is an association of the community, for the community.  Allen built a reputation in being of service to both volunteers and members.  I would love to see that level of professionalism, fun and service return to the Board via Allen’s contributions.

I would be happy to answer any questions or provide more feedback as needed.


Karen Lopez

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