Letter of Recommendation – JRJ

Allen is a caring, conscientious and hardworking member of the community. As a member of the PASS board he was actively involved in his portfolios and committed significant amounts of personal time and energy to effecting significant change for the benefit of the community. However, he did not stop there. Allen was a keen advocate for the global growth program and was both vocal and instrumental in its formation and structure. He has also continued to be involved in the ongoing investment in chapter tooling; working with PASS HQ to continue the great work he’d started during his first tenure on the PASS Board. I am therefore delighted to see that he has decided to run for the PASS Board again this year. I am sure that if elected he would continue where he left off and be a truly effective, passionate and committed board member. Unlike Wall Street, Allen’s past performance is a fantastic guide to future performance! Please review his blog to see everything he achieved during his first term on the board and his plans for the future.

It is therefore without hesitation that I would like to offer my support to Allen’s campaign for election to the PASS Board of Directors.

James Rowland-Jones

Director at Large | PASS Board of Directors

The Big Bang Data Company

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