Letter of Recommendation – Grant Fritchey

Allen Kinsel was one of the very first PASS volunteers I met at my very first PASS Summit in Grapevine, TX. His passion impressed me enough at the time that I started volunteering with PASS. While my own passion for volunteering has waxed and waned over the years since then, Allen has remained consistently positive. He absolutely cares about this organization, what it does, where it’s going, how it achieves its goals and what those goals are. He is not just someone this organization needs. He’s someone this organization should emulate. It’s the consistency and commitment that he brings that would make the organization shine even more. It’s fairly easy to find people who I think could do a decent job on the board. It’s more difficult to find anyone who I think brings real caring about this organization than Allen. I’m impressed with the work he has done with the organization and the positive feelings he engenders in others. I’m quite pleased to be able to refer to him as a friend. I strongly and heartily endorse Allen Kinsel for the PASS Board.

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