Allen Kinsel’s #SQLPASS Election Endorsements

These PASS community members support my election to the PASS Board of Directors

I work with Allen. He has been an inspiration and a great help to me professionally, and has shown that he deeply cares about the PASS community and his fellow SQL Server users. I can think of no one with a stronger vision for where PASS needs to go, nor with more of a passion for making that vision a reality. I am pleased to recommend that he is your first choice for the Board of Directors.

JK Wood    Website   

Allen is, as many others have already said, quite passionate about PASS and supporting the SQL Community. When he was previously on the board, he was dedicated to making sure that better systems were in place to support chapters and their members. He worked tirelessly to see that things were in place before his previous position on the Board was up. Allen's passion, dedication, and experience are just a few of the reasons I will be supporting him in the upcoming election.

Sarah Strate    Website   

Allen Kinsel is one of the first members of the amazing SQL PASS community that took the time to show me the PASS ropes and helped get me more involved. He has been and continues to be a dedicated and passionate community volunteer who is always looking to help to continue to grow and make the PASS community better.

Colin Stasiuk    Website   

Allen Kinsel should be your very first vote for the PASS Board. His passion for the community and chapters is perfect. In fact, he continued his volunteering and continued to work on Board-level projects during his brief time off the Board.

I can't tell you how important it is to me and other chapter leaders to have him back on the Board.

He is open to all feedback, takes his role seriously and never fails to ensure that we get what we need.

Karen Lopez    Website   

Allen and I became acquainted as volunteers on the program committee for PASS. He has worked tirelessly for PASS as a volunteer and as a board member. He has demonstrated a long term commitment to improving the PASS organization. His passion for the organization will make him a valuable addition to the board.

Lance Harra   


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