Letter of Recommendation – David Purvis

To Whom it may concern,

I have worked with Allen Kinsel for the past eight years. Allen is one of the most dedicated and hard-working people that I know.

He always lifts others up, encouraging them to go farther, be better and move ahead in their endeavors. Allen has built a stellar reputation, not only as a technician, but as someone that others can trust.

You can always find someone to perform tasks, do a job, manage, troubleshoot issues, etc.., but finding someone that has integrity and is trustworthy is truly valuable.

Allen always has the best interest of the individual, the team and the company in mind and measures all of his efforts and decisions with fairness and equality.

He never takes on the easy tasks, always the hard ones and puts everything into all that he does.

David Purvis



If someone finds a path through a technical issue, a grievance, or any other number of problems, more than likely, it’s because Allen cut that path through the heavy brush, weeds, dangerous wildlife and angry natives to get there.

Cut, battered, bruised, snake bit, and afflicted with rashes in unpleasant areas, Allen will wave them through to the clearing, expecting nothing in return. If thanks are given, his response would probably be a simple, “No problem.”

That is the kind of person Allen is and the character that he exhibits.

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