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Allen Kinsel 2013 PASS Election information

Welcome to my election page.  I am running for the PASS Board this year because I have a great deal of PASSion for PASS and the SQL community.  I’ve been volunteering with PASS in one form or another for the last 9 years, including 2 years on the PASS Board, and during that time I have had the opportunity to learn and grow as a community leader.  If elected I can leverage that experience to get to work on Day 1 and work on implementing the kind of deep change that can help PASS have an even greater impact on the SQL community in the years to come.  I’m Allen Kinsel, I hope you’ll vote for me, and I approve this message:-)

Allen has the dedication and PASSion to drive projects to completion in the the PASS organization. He demonstrated great progress for the chapters and the program committee in his time on the PASS Board and as a volunteer. I can't think of many others that have show as much dedication to the PASS community over the years and I look forward to voting for him and seeing him on the Board again very soon.

Pat Wright    Website   

Allen Kinsel should be your very first vote for the PASS Board. His passion for the community and chapters is perfect. In fact, he continued his volunteering and continued to work on Board-level projects during his brief time off the Board.

I can't tell you how important it is to me and other chapter leaders to have him back on the Board.

He is open to all feedback, takes his role seriously and never fails to ensure that we get what we need.

Karen Lopez    Website   

I met Allen's work in PASS, when I started to be more active with SQL Server community. I identify myself a lot with Allen, not only for the excellent work he has done already, but because we have something in common. Passion for share and SQL Server comunnity. I think that shows the kind of person who will be leading the future paths of the PASS. Allen sure has my vote.

Laerte Junior    Website   

I first met Allen in 2009 when he was working to gather volunteers to help out with a project for the PASS Summit that year, and I was immediately impressed with his passion and drive to get things done. In the four years since then, I've gotten to know Allen well, and I've seen firsthand his focus and ability to get things done. Allen is an asset to the SQL Server community, and I'm happy to support him as a candidate for the PASS board of directors.

Tim Mitchell    Website   

Allen is, as many others have already said, quite passionate about PASS and supporting the SQL Community. When he was previously on the board, he was dedicated to making sure that better systems were in place to support chapters and their members. He worked tirelessly to see that things were in place before his previous position on the Board was up. Allen's passion, dedication, and experience are just a few of the reasons I will be supporting him in the upcoming election.

Sarah Strate    Website   

There are a couple of things I look for in a Board Member for PASS. Long Term Committment to the community and to PASS, whatever you promise - you must deliver, demonstrated ability to work with and motivate other community leaders, and PASSion. Allen has shown all of these traits during his long experience with our organization and our volunteers and will make an excellent Board Member.

Wayne Snyder    Website   

I'm glad to endorse Allen Kinsel as a candidate for the PASS Board of Directors. We were colleagues for a year during his first term on the Board and I found him to be hard working, thoughtful, and always willing to listen to other points of view - exactly the qualities a Board member needs!

Andy Warren    Website   

Allen Kinsel's dedication and passion for the members of the PASS Community is second to none.

Thomas Larock    Website   

I met Allen during my first year on the Program Selection Committee. It was my first foray into volunteering for PASS and I was a little apprehensive about what to expect, both from the experience and the people I would be working with. My past experiences with volunteerism in other areas of my life had led me not to expect too much, from the experience and the people. I was truly amazed at the PASSion that Allen had for the work we were doing. It was a thankless and time consuming task, but he never gave up until we had a great schedule of sessions and speakers. I have seen Allen continue this PASSion over the years and it's a constant reminder to me that we all have something to give back to our community.

Angela Henry    Website   

Allen and I became acquainted as volunteers on the program committee for PASS. He has worked tirelessly for PASS as a volunteer and as a board member. He has demonstrated a long term commitment to improving the PASS organization. His passion for the organization will make him a valuable addition to the board.

Lance Harra   

I work with Allen. He has been an inspiration and a great help to me professionally, and has shown that he deeply cares about the PASS community and his fellow SQL Server users. I can think of no one with a stronger vision for where PASS needs to go, nor with more of a passion for making that vision a reality. I am pleased to recommend that he is your first choice for the Board of Directors.

JK Wood    Website   

In Allen's prior time on the board I had the opportunity to work with him in my capacities as a chapter leader and regional mentor. More was accomplished for local groups in Allen's time leading that portfolio than in any other time period during my involvement with PASS. Allen's passion for the PASS mission to Connect, Share, and Learn drives him to cut through the red-tape and get things done

Jack Corbett    Website   

I got to know Allen very well during the time we worked together on the PASS Program Committee and as fellow Board members after that. Allen is hard working, thoughtful, and dedicated to making PASS a great organization for the members.

Allen is incredibly thoughtful and I cannot think of someone better to suited to lead PASS in the right direction.

Jeremiah Peschka    Website   

There are few people who can influence PASS like Allen Kinsel. The impact that he while had on the board before was nothing short of remarkable. I'll be voting for Allen because I know he will serve the community wholeheartedly, throwing his all behind making the SQL community stronger.

Rob Farley    Website   

I've known Allen for several years and I've always admired and respected the passion and dedication he has for the community. I have no hesitation in recommending him for this position, as I believe he will help to make PASS an organization even more congruent with community than it already is.

Aaron Bertrand    Website   

Allen Kinsel is one of the first members of the amazing SQL PASS community that took the time to show me the PASS ropes and helped get me more involved. He has been and continues to be a dedicated and passionate community volunteer who is always looking to help to continue to grow and make the PASS community better.

Colin Stasiuk    Website   

I had the opportunity to work closely with Allen for two years on the Program Committee. I was constantly impressed with enthusiasm, his attention to detail and commitment to making the Summit a great event for the attendees. Allen's passion for the community and his understanding of how the PASS BOD works makes him a great candidate for director.

Lori Edwards    Website   

I have had the pleasure of knowing Allen Kinsel for many years. During these years of our acquaintance, I have worked with him in a few different capacities, as he has tirelessly volunteered to 'better' our organization we call PASS. In all of his responsibilities he has shown the he is an extremely valuable volunteer and vital cog that makes up what we know and love as PASS.

Tjay Belt    Website   

I have know Allen for some time now. The thing that stands out the most is his passion and commitment to PASS and the SQL Server community as a whole. I am always impressed by his enthusiasm and ability to work with other PASS and community leaders. Allen has my vote.

Patrick LeBlanc    Website   

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Community endorsements

Community Endorsements Page (Add yours too!)

Joey D’Antoni Thinks I am an excellent asset to SQLPass and in particular to the chapter leadership

Grant Fritchey Is definetly casting his vote for me

Pat Wright Recalls my proven track record of getting things done within PASS

Andy Warren Is excited about the prospect of me rejoining the Board

Allen White Thinks my previous experience and success warrants my return to the Board

Kerry Tyler Recognizes that I pour my heart and soul into PASS

JK Wood Likes my vision for where PASS should go next

Tim Mitchell Is impressed with my passion and bias to action

Rick Heiges Recognizes my work ethic and the unique perspective I have as an FTE and not a consultant

Rob Farley Would love to see me get back on the Board

Andy Leonard Appreciates my experience and community knowledge

K. Brian Kelley Says “I’m good People” with experience and passion to boot!

Mike Walsh Sees the Passion, Experience and Independent thinking

Chris Yates Thinks I have the experience, proven track record, Ideas, goals and future oulook needed!

Chris Shaw Sees the work and growth that occurred in chapters while I served on the board with the chapters portfolio

Grant Fritchey Thinks I have passion and vision

Tim Radney Sees me as a role model for volunteering and helping PASS grow

Angela Henry Has witnessed my energy and PASSion

Laerte Junior Recomends passion and #sqlfamily

Letters of Recommendation

Andy Warren  “Allen dreamed of a better PASS. Not in the sense that PASS was somehow bad, but rather that it could be much more”

Jes Borland “Allen truly understands that PASS is a grassroots community”

Thomas Larock “Allen’s dedication to the PASS Community these past nine years is unrivaled by anyone.”

Grant Fritchey “He is not just someone this organization needs. He’s someone this organization should emulate”

Karen Lopez “I think his previous recent experiences on the Board will be invaluable”

James Rowland-Jones “if elected he would continue where he left off and be a truly effective, passionate and committed board member.”

David Stein “I’ve found him to be tireless, approachable, and a dedicated advocate for the SQL Server community.”

Tjay Belt “I have always observed Allen from afar and been amazed to watch his work ethic and ability to simply get things done, regardless of the obstacles in his way”

David Purvis “He never takes on the easy tasks, always the hard ones and puts everything into all that he does.”

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