Luckily, I didn’t have to pay a single thing for it.

Brent Ozar unwittingly made the diagnosis the other day in a comment on Stuart Ainsworth’s blog (I shortened it a bit)

Since I have served on both of those PASS Committee’s (Program Committee as a leader) I must be insane.

I mean, no one willingly jumps in front of that many bullets, at least not for long.  Whether he meant it or not, Brent is right though, when you put yourself into one of these types of committee’s you truly are opening yourself to all sorts of bullets.  This sort of “target practice” has been one of the toughest things for me to learn how to deal with as a PASS volunteer.  The good news though, is that its amazing what it will do for you professionally, its one thing when your “favorite” developer is firing Air soft bullets in disagreement with you, its quite another when leaders of the SQL community who you have a huge amount of respect for start firing .50cal’s.

Many of my companies developers (several hundred total) have commented to me in the last few years that I have “mellowed” out a bit, a few of them have laughed and blamed it on old age, but in reality, I know its a side effect of serving in very public roles within the PASS Community.