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T-SQL Tuesday – Giving back to the SQL Community in 2015

This months TSQL Tuesday #61 is hosted by Wayne Sheffield on Giving Back to the SQL Server Community.  An interesting topic given the season and something that is near and dear.  Here’s his original post


It seems like I have a knack for doing things backwards differently and my time giving to the SQL Community has largely followed that path!  In 2015 Ill be continuing my “different” trend of community impact through PASS from international/national to local!

As some of you might know, I’ve spent a good portion of the last nine (or is it ten?) years involved with PASS in a number of different roles.  From working on the precursor to our current Virtual Chapters to volunteering with the Program Committee for many years to serving on the nomcom multiple times, running a SQL Saturday and even being a Board Member. I have experience in almost every area of PASS.  I have grown both personally and professionally during the time that I’ve spent in those roles.  The overall communities growth in all these years always inspires me to do more and I don’t see this year being any different.


Even though I don’t hold an official role (at this moment in time) with PASS.  I will still be giving back to the SQL Server community in 2015.  I plan on starting a local user group in South Houston.  I admit that I should have started this at least 6 months ago but I’ve put it off.  2015 will be the year the Houston area gets a second user group and if you want to attend or help, let me know!  In addition, I will be helping to host a SQL Saturday in Houston early next summer.  I will also commit now to making actual use of this SQL blog in 2015 instead of it being a landing page for what has to be the worlds largest amount of SPAM (thanks askimet!).  Whenever there is a discussion on PASS and its future, you can be sure that I will be involved in it on some level.  I hope to encourage others to volunteer as I have and foster a new group of leaders in the SQL Server community.


Thanks again to everyone who participates  in the SQL Community, you all are really what its all about!

I want to be on the PASS NomCom this year

I’m running for another PASS elected position


This is a simple post to say that yes, you read the NomCom ballot correctly and YES, I’ve decided to run for the NomCom this year instead of the PASS Board of Directors.  After last year and only having 3 candidates for the NomCom it was quite refreshing to see 11 for this years NomCom!  I dont intend to spill much digital Ink about why you should vote for me since I spilled so much last year over the Board of Directors election.


None of this is to say that I’m uninterested or don’t want to get elected but, I don’t agree with the concept of an extremely active campaign to win a seat on the NomCom.


So, feel free to read more about me on the campaign site here or download my application here and most of all get out and vote!

The Community Has Spoken

This years election results are officially in the books.  Unfortunately I’ve come up four votes short in my effort to be elected.

I’d like to congratulate the winners, I’m sure y’all will do great things.  Dont worry, we’ll all be watching to see you make good on those campaign promises!

I’d also like to thank all of my supporters, public and private.  Your words helped me more than you’ll likely ever know.

Andy Warren in particular was abolutely critical in helping me strategize through this years campaign.  I wouldn’t have made it this far without his support and encouragement over the years.





Wrapping up my campaign

Just do it!

According to the published timelinethe 2013 iteration of the PASS Board elections will be over in just a few hours.  As I wrap up this year’s campaign I wanted to send out a huge thank you to the SQL community members who have supported me in my endeavor to have a second term on the Board.  I am humbled to have such a great and supporting group of friends and colleagues.

I hope that my writings have proven helpful by detailing my visions for PASS and that you have already chosen to select my name on the ballot.  However, if you haven’t voted yet, or just haven’t seen enough of my ideas for making PASS a better place, please check out my elections page for plenty more information.

I’m Allen Kinsel, I hope you’ll vote for me and I approve this message

Being a Better Director if Reelected

Happily, It’s Friday and as I was looking at all the digital bits I’ve spilled in this campaign, I realized there was one more topic I wanted to draw your quick attention to: Things I want to do better this time

  • I need to remember that communication is key and telling you what I ‘m working on is at least as important as what I’m working on.  In my first term, particularly towards the end, I sometimes sacrificed communication in order to get something done.  You need to see what I’m doing (or not doing) and be able to give feedback if you think I’ve headed in the wrong direction.
  • I want to get back to doing a better job of utilizing volunteers.  Aligning work and volunteers is hard.  As anyone who has lead a chapter, a SQLSaturday or any kind of volunteer effort know, it often feels easier and faster to just do things than to delegate things.  I had good success with delegation in the program committee and am prepared to return to a similar model during this term.  My success should not be measured by how much I do personally but rather by how much gets done within my portfolio.
  • I want to think “International” every time I start on something new.  Not because it’s the cool community buzzword but because I want PASS to serve everyone and I know I don’t have enough experience to know what will or won’t work in other countries.

That’s it for the week.  Thanks for reading and thanks for voting!  Have a great weekend!

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