And no, I dont mean in my mothers eyes, thats a given.

I won the Ipad/SQL Monitor Contest that Redgate was sponsoring over on Grant Fritcheys Blog

Im thrilled to have won!! Ive been eyeing Ipads for quite some time but, the novelty & cost has kept me at arms length.

Im always in the market for DBA tools that can make my teams (or my) job easier, thats where redgate’s Sql Monitor comes in, shortly I expect to be running it through the paces.  We already use most of the other redgate tools and love them so I have high expectations for SQLMonitor!

Christmas definetly came early for me this year, Its like Grant, Steve, Brent and most importantly Redgate were my very own elves!

Thanks again to Regdate for their outstanding support of our SQL Community.

PS: I expect to have some aweome pics of remote monitoring SQL Servers shortly!