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PASS – Campaigning is tough

In order to get elected to the PASS Board, Ive twice now been asked to do something that is easily one of the more challenging things I’ve needed to do professionally.


Im a typical DBA type who has never been a fan of self-promotion, Ill happily sit in a corner and give 100% to an effort without looking for any acknowledgement in return.  I believe in doing a good Job and letting the results speak for themselves.  This doesn’t necessarily mean I’m quiet or a reserved introvert, I’m actually the opposite.  I’d go so far as to say that my fellow Board members might agree that it wouldn’t be an understatement to say I can be quite outspoken and opinionated especially when its related to things I’m passionate about, unfortunately for campaigning purposes those are things only the 13 other Board members have seen regularly.

Campaigning to win on my terms

Since deciding to run for another term on the PASS Board I’ve had many conversations with pillars of our community about how I could win another term while not letting my disdain for self-promotion control my ability to get elected.  I want to maintain my position on the board so that I can continue serving the entire community.  To do that I’ve chosen to highlight my prior record and future plans for the organization without leveraging some of the other more self-promotional/direct contact aspects of typical election campaigns.  This was an incredibly difficult decision to make because I really want to win… but not at the expense of my own personality.  As a wise person once told me: “it’s better to be yourself and loose than pretend and loose hope”

My plan has been simple, keep doing what I’ve been doing.  (The question is: is it working?  I suppose I’ll find out Oct 15th)

  • Blogging – I’ve blogged about PASS since nearly the beginning of my blogging (post #2) So I’ve continued
  • Forums – I’ve been active in the Election forums (have a question, please post it!)
  • Twitter – I’m always open to chat about #sqlpass on twitter regardless of whether its elections season or not
  • Phone/Instant message – I’ve had a few phone/IM conversations about my platform.  Want to chat? Just ask.  I’m always available
  • References – I asked a few people who know of my work with PASS for letters of reference

* Andy Warren, Jeremiah Peschka and Tjay Belt  (pdf pg 5-7)

Continuing to Serve

I’ve spent many thousands of hours of my life serving the PASS organization and want the opportunity to spend a few hundred thousand more in the same role over the next two years.  However, if by chance the community wants to see someone else in my seat on the board I can live with that, there aren’t any bad choices.  I will still continue to focus on the SQL community; it will just be in a different way than I am able to currently.

If you appreciate and expect this level of candor from the PASS Board, Please consider voting for me.  I’m running for the PASS Board of Directors, and I need your help to make a difference.  Click here to read about why I’m running.

Evolving PASS

I’m running for the PASS board of directors again this year

While everyone running for the open Board positions is certainly qualified, I believe I am the best candidate for two primary reasons.  First, I have a plan for how I want to evolve the organization.  Second, I have a long, well documented history of executing on those plans and delivering results for PASS.

Evolutionary Plans


  • Chapters – I’ve already documented many of the specific things Id like to see us change with how PASS supports local chapters including

Community evangelists are providing a great resource, I will continue to refine this roles responsibilities

Continue to refine tools & document PASS’s processes to provide a higher level of support

Plan to drive more value from Regional Mentors by honing their responsibilities into an interesting role for our community leaders

Finish a detailed plan for how PASS can facilitate sponsoring our chapters financially through different avenues

  • Maintain Transparency & Increase Communications

I will champion all board members communicating about their work for PASS to the membership regularly.

I plan to continue working for more transparency in all matters related to the board

  • Evolving the next generation of Leaders – Increasing Community Involvement

Enable board level involvement from volunteers who aren’t on the board through forming board level committees that include volunteers

Develop a board mentorship program where prospective board members are identified and paired up with existing and ex board members to expand their understanding of how the board functions

Further formalize and promote the process we use to recognize volunteer achievements at all levels in the PASS organization

  • Professionalism

I want to see PASS become more professional.  PASS should stop unnecessarily limiting our membership benefits to education and networking opportunities alone.

The board should be setting goals for defining how we can expand our member benefits beyond the current strategy of education/networking


The plans outlined above can impact every SQL Server Professionals career in a positive manner and take PASS to new heights.  I want the opportunity to deliver on these plans in the same way I have delivered on my past plans for PASS


If you believe in these changes and you like how I communicate them, consider voting for me. I’m running for the PASS Board of Directors, and I need your help to make a difference.  Click here to read about why I’m running.

Of Procrastination and Voting

If you are reading this, you probably haven’t decided on who to vote for in the PASS Board of Directors election.  You’re not alone!  Here’s a secret [Shhh: don’t tell]  I haven’t decided who I’m going to vote for either.  Have no fear though, for the first year in the history of PASS, there is a literal plethora of information on the PASS Elections Site about the candidates and their stances on “the issues”

So, consider this to be my personal invitation to you to follow my lead and stop procrastinating!!  Go now to the PASS elections site, read about the candidates.  If you want to know something about us, use the forums, and ask.  I know at least 1 candidate that will answer your question.  Once you’ve done all that come back here, Ill still be waiting.  Now, do what I’m going to do:  I’ll be finding the PASS BOD email ballot, then Ill be selecting the link and clicking on “Allen Kinsel” & 2 other candidates then hitting submit!

I’ve never been known to be the subtle type, so I figure no sense in starting now.  If you need a little more subtlety about why I think you should vote for me, look here.  The #1 thing though, is you, PASS Member, you need to vote.  It matters a great deal to our SQL Server community, even if you must vote for someone other than me [I disagree but, understand]..

Its PASS V Day… you know what that means!

According to the official timeline today is the big day.  No, it’s not Valentines Day, but rather an even more important day.  Today is the day when we, the PASS community, get to vote for and elect our new leaders.  Today is the opening day of the PASS Board of Directors Election.  This is our communities chance to have a say in the direction of the PASS organization. 

Hopefully if you’re taking the time to read this you are in the process of deciding which of the 5 candidates for the PASS Board of Directors you’d like to vote for.  I want to thank you for being an educated PASS member and taking your valuable time to vet the candidates on their stances with relation to PASS.  To hopefully help make that process easier, I’m going to aggregate all of my views about the PASS election at the bottom of this post.

I had hoped to come up with some terrific tagline that would convey what I bring to the table in this election but, I just couldn’t make anything fit without it become 4 paragraphs so I decided to instead leave this picture since it does a better job.

 Openbook 300x225


At some point today you should get an email ballot from I would be honored If you would cast one of your votes for me.  I’m running for the PASS Board of Directors, and I need your help to make a difference.

–Additional information about my candidacy —

5 changes I’d like to make while on the PASS board

How I want the Program Committee to evolve

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5 things I want to change while on the PASS Board

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking over the last 3 or 4 months about “why” I wanted to run for the PASS Board.  I think I have finally come to the point where I can distill it down into a list of 5 specific things that I will work to make happen while on the PASS Board

5. Pass Summit location.  I believe that we can reach more of our membership by moving the location of the annual summit.  I like the idea of a 3 year rotation in Seattle.

4. Transparency.  I plan to continue the push for as much release of information as the community wants.  Particular things I’d like to see: full disclosure of individual BOD votes, more exposure of the Executive Committee “election process”

3. Better Chapter Support.  We need to do a better job at giving our chapter leaders what they need, some of the most frequently requested things on the chapter “needs” list could be completed more easily than many think if I can succeed with item #1 on this list.  I don’t necessarily want to “own” chapter support but, I think I can provide help to this group, especially where it lends itself to my strength in PASS : speaker management.

2. Professionalism.  I want our association to become more professional.  That is to say, to begin offering more than education as the primary benefit to membership.  I think there should be more benefit to being a PASS member than education & networking .

1. Community Involvement.  I want to get our volunteers engaged in as many processes and tasks as possible.  I’ve done what I consider to be a pretty good job at getting as many people involved in the program committee processes as reasonably possible, Id like to  expand that same involvement into all areas of PASS.  I wrote a lengthy reply on the PASS election forum about this subject, let me know what you think.


If you believe in these changes and you like how I communicate them, consider voting for me. I’m running for the PASS Board of Directors, and I need your help to make a difference.  Click here to read about why I’m running.

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