The Slateallen

A few weeks ago I wrote that I applied to be on the slate for the PASS Board election.  Today the list of candidates has been officially announced and I am happy to say that a group of hardworking SQLFamily members on the NomCom thought highly enough of my application, interview and references that I was ranked first on the list of candidates.

Today I am launching a single page that consolidates all of the information about my campaign platform and hopefully all of the reasons you’ll want to vote for me!

Why choose me:

Passion & experience

I am passionate about the community and the things that we can accomplish while working together for the greater good.  Over the last 9 years of volunteering with PASS I have gained a level of experience that is unrivaled by any other candidate.  I want to give back more to the community that has helped me succeed both professionally and personally.  I want to see PASS better serve the needs of our existing community while at the same time having the vision to do what is needed to survive long term in a changing community.

Vision & goals

Having previous PASS Board experience will allow me to hit the ground running on day 1 to carry out my vision for PASS’s future. The combined experience and vision I have for PASS allows me to prioritize my goals as director where I think they will impact PASS’s membership the most. My key goals while serving on the Board will be:

  • Prioritizing and investing more dollars in PASS IT to bring our member used systems current.  An example of this is expanding the functionality of MyPASS to include enhanced sections for Chapter leaders, Speakers, volunteers & members.
  • An additional IT investment will need to be made to bring PASS’s membership roster current.  Bringing the roster current will allow PASS to have better knowledge of our worldwide membership and provide them better benefits.
  • It’s time to transition from the current board structure of portfolios to a committee based approach.  This will allow the board to maintain a more strategic role and grow more leaders as well as help keep projects moving better during election transitions.

I have the community perspective, experience, vision and PASSion that PASS leadership needs