I have decided to apply for the SQLPASS Board of Directors this year.  Before I get to some of the specifics on why I’m running for election again, I’d like to tell you a bit about my journey with PASS


In 2004 when I attended my first PASS Summit, I still remember being convinced by two of my new friends, Tom LaRock (B|T) and Pat Wright (B|T) to get up at 7AM and learn about helping PASS.  Prior to walking into that room, I had no idea what PASS was beyond the summit or why I’d ever want to volunteer for PASS.  It only took Wayne Snyder (B|T) 5 minutes to convince me that PASS needed my help.  Wayne, if you’ve not had the benefit of meeting him or seeing him speak, is a very charismatic leader and he could convince most anyone to volunteer with PASS from his sheer passion.  It would not be exaggerating to say this was a life changing experience.  Following that first interaction, I have volunteered prolifically:

  • SIG’s (precursor to Virtual chapters) 2005-2009
  • Summit Program Committee Member 2007-2011
  • Summit Program Committee Leader 2009-2011
  • Nominations committee 2009
  • Board of Directors  2010-2011
  • Chapter tools project 2012

As a volunteer I have had the opportunity to work with many teams to help implement my visions for PASS. For example the program committee brought in such current Summit favorites as half day sessions and lightning talks.  More recently, I realized we were underserving our chapters and their members and created a strategy for enhancing the chapter leader portal that correlates the data used on all members’ MyPASS page as well as the events page.  I like to think my volunteer time has been good for the organization but, I know my volunteerism has been good for me professionally.  The time I have spent on the board helped me grow my career into a new leadership role recently and I hope that growth will in turn allow me to support doing more on the board.



I want to reinvest in the community that has helped me succeed professionally by further enabling our next generation of leaders to grow and succeed.  I want PASS to have grander goals than just having a Summit, BA conference & SQL Rallys or being the SQL Saturday/Chapter steward.  Sure, PASS is and should be all of those things but I see PASS in a larger context, PASS should be an enabler.  PASS can and should provide vision and solutions to our community on a larger scale than it has attempted to in the past.
To sum all that up in a word: “Passion”.  I am passionate about PASS and its ability to help the sqlfamily achieve their professional goals.
I have the community perspective, experience, vision and PASSion that PASS leadership needs.

Future Goals

In the year since I left the Board, I’ve had the opportunity to clearly see how far PASS has come as an organization, as well as how far we still have to go!  Having previous PASS Board experience will allow me to hit the ground running on day 1 to carry out my vision for PASS’s future.  The combined experience and vision I have for PASS allows me to prioritize my goals as director where I think they will impact PASS’s membership the most.  My key goals while serving on the Board will be:

  • Prioritizing  and investing more dollars in PASS IT to bring our member used systems current.

An example of this is expanding the functionality of MyPASS to include enhanced sections for Chapter leaders, Speakers, volunteers & members.

  • An additional IT investment will need to be made to bring PASS’s membership roster current.

Bringing the roster current will allow PASS to have better knowledge of our worldwide membership and provide them better benefits.

  • It’s time to transition from the current board structure of portfolios to a committee based approach.

This will allow the board to maintain a more strategic role and grow more leaders as well as help keep projects moving better during election transitions.