Mission Statement

I was asked by someone to write a mission statement for chapters. I don’t know if this qualifies in the truest definition of a mission statement or not but, I partially stole this from a friend and I hope he doesn’t mind: 2012 is going to be the year of the chapter.

Its been a busy quarter since I took over responsibility for chapters and there have many changes, hopefully this post can summarize the highpoints.

New Faces

During the past quarter we’ve seen exceptional growth of chapters, including seeing 12 new chapters formed across the globe!

A BI Chapter in Wisconsin, USA led by Farouq Abukhamireh

Algeria led by Badrou Zeggar

Bangkok, Thailand led by Fukiat Julnual

Ekatrinburg, Russia led by Evgeny Fedyakov

Kharkiv Ukraine led by Denis Reznik

Kyiv Ukraine led by by Konstantin Kosinsky

Las Cruces, New Mexico USA led by Colleen Barnitz and Russ Burns

Leicester, UK led by Gavin Campbell

Los Angeles, California USA led by Kim Schmidt

Maidenhead, UK led by Richard Douglas

Stavropol, Russia led by Maksim Lemeshko

Santa Catarina, Brazil led by Rodrigo Dornel

Budget Exceptions

Last month I put forward some recommendations to the board of directors for increased spending for the Fiscal year 2012 (ends 6/30/2012) two of those proposals were accepted and funded.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to lead 2 separate meetings with our Regional Mentors in order to bring them up to speed on what those proposals are funding.

The first thing this is going to allow us to do is send a “Chapter Kit” or mailing to every PASS Chapter around the globe!  I’m not going to spoil the surprise about what’s going to be inside but, we hope that Chapter leaders will find the contents valuable and can put them to good use.

The second program we’re going to implement is to fund some regional mentor travel to PASS chapter meetings and SQLSaturdays.  The basics are that we’ve given each regional mentor a funding allocation and asked them to attempt to visit as many chapter meetings in their region as they can, with the primary focus being on chapters especially those that need help with speakers, or are otherwise struggling.  We are attempting to fill a gap in speakers at local UG’s and allow the Regional Mentors to get out in the community and evangelize for PASS.

Both of these programs are new, and both are things that we’ve talked about trying for a good while.  I’m expecting to see both of these have a positive impact on the community and I’m expecting to get lots of feedback during the process and learn some lessons while we see exactly how this is going to work and what impact its going to have.

Tools improvements

Since I started with chapters I’ve been pushing forward with a plan to revamp the existing tools our Chapter leaders use to manage chapters and I’m happy to say I’m starting to see some real movement towards helping with our needs in this area!  I expect the first round of changes to start being rolled out within the next 45 days.  As this project continues ill continue to write about the new and exciting changes we’re making.