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Dont Forget About PASS Summit Session Preferencing


This year we decided to try something new and allow any PASS member input into the Summit session selections.  Hopefully it will provide good info for the session reviewers to use.  They always have a very tough job choosing sessions since there are so many good choices.  For instance the DBA review team will have looked over 200 different abstracts when they are done!  I hope that the preference results will give them a little more info when deciding between 2 equally good sessions.

Preconference seminars

Dont forget to let us know specifically which precons you’d like to see, these results are going to be used more stringently than the regular sessions so the more results we can get the better!


Use of the tool ends today so hurry and log in to the Preferencing site and chose as many sessions as you’d like.  There is no limit but, beware choosing too many isn’t exactly helping the situation 🙂

Ill put out an update once the selections are over on how helpful the preferencing info turned out to be.

Further promoting the growth of speakers

Always on the lookout for ways to promote our best speakers from within, I stumbled into an idea the other day that was so brilliant I dont know why we havent done it before.  Actually I know why but thats for a different blog post on a different day.

Promoting top speakers from within

PASS has many different types of events, these days, everything from a single chapter meeting with 5-10 people all the way up to the annual summit where I’d guess we top out over 3000 this year.  I think as speakers hone their craft It should be our goal to reward them in any way we can.  To that end, Im pleased to announce a couple of what I think are exciting things.

Spring 24 Hours of PASS

The Spring 2011 24 Hours of PASS was a great success with many great speakers and topics highlighted.  We decided to pull the top 3 speakers (within some guidelines) and give them automatic session spots at the annual Summit that is being held in Seattle this year.  These speakers will be given the opportunity to give a session on the same topic that was so successful at the 24hours of pass event.  In addition, these abstracts will be in the running for one of the coveted Spotlight sessions at this years Summit.

The Guidelines for selecting top 3 were pretty simple, we used the session evaluations and removed the “rate the quality of livemeeting” question.  The only additional eliminating factor was that we required the attendance number to have been in the top 75%, that is to say if a session was in the bottom 1/4 of attendance it was excluded.

SQL Rally

Are you a presenter at this years Rally?  If so, Id encourage you to bring your best presentation because we’re going to do the same thing for the Rally.  The top 3 Sessions will get automatic sessions at the Summit and the ability to be selected as a spotlight.  I havent decided on the exact guildelines for the selection yet but, I expect it will be very similar to the guidelines we used to select who received the spotlight invitations this year.

Just in case the top three 24 hours of PASS presenters want to know early, or you want to congratulate them! (their emails will be going out shortly)

Gail Shaw — Bad Plan! Sit!

Karen Lopez — Five Physical Database Design Blunders and How to Avoid them

Audrey Hammonds — T-SQL Awesomeness: 3 ways to Write Cool SQL

Edited to clarify the fact the top 3 were chosen based on 24hop session evals

99 problems and the disk aint one

Its Meme Monday again and this time Tom has picked an interesting topic.

How many problems do we all see in our shops that arent related to disks?  Since disk related issues would normally be my #1-10 I guess Ill have to start at #11

11. ESX misconfigurations

12. Old DBMS Version requirements from vendors

13. Bad DB design

14. Active Directory

15. Network connectivity/configuration

16. JAVA

17. Security architecture & design

18. Vendor Code…

19. Overly complex solutions to satisfy edge cases

This is my list of 9, What are yours?

Ill go out on a limb and tag 3 people

Lori Edwards, you havent written a blog post lately, consider this your invitation

Pat Wright

Andy Leonard

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