We published a set of changes to the PASS bylaws yesterday.  Seeing as how Bill Graziano already wrote everything possible and more about these changes and what they mean to the organization I figure Ill save the bits and say that he does a good job summing everything up nicely.  Since a lot of this was done before I joined the board, I wasnt involved in some of the discussion about these changes but, I will say that the discussions I was involved with were very detailed and often labored on the finer points of making sausage.  Needless to say, I agree 100% with these changes and think they make sense.

Whats next?

Ive got far too many PASS irons in the fire currently so I know I wont have time to do the necessary background work to push for a few additional changes but, at some point I’d like to see PASS go to a fully elected Executive committee.  Id like to see the executives be elected board members serving regular two year terms who are then elected by the board for the executive positions.  As part of that I also think Id also like to see a general election of our President.  How better for the membership to guide the organization than to have a direct say about who should be providing the overall direction.