For all of the years Ive been involved with PASS it seems like one of the struggles has always been in defining what PASS is. From the very early days, I don’t think PASS has always done a good job describing in words that we can all understand what the goal is.  Sure theres lots of management speak, and other marketingspeak on the PASS site but, it has never really done a good job of actually explaining it.  I thought id take a quick try at it

<the views that follow are mine alone>

In a single sentence I think Id sum it up like this:

PASS is all about enabling our SQL Community to grow via education and networking.

Details details details

PASS has essentially one job, that job is to enable the many dedicated volunteers across the SQL community to execute on those core values we hear PASS throw about “Connect, Share, Learn”  Unfortunately, enabling these volunteers isnt always the most exciting work, and sometimes its down right benign.

PASS Enables this connecting, sharing and learning several different ways

  • PASS Summit
  • PASS SQL Rally
  • 24 Hours of PASS
  • SQL Saturday
  • Virtual Chapters
  • Regular Chapters

Every one of these has at its core a very strong group of (generally) under recognized volunteers working to make them happen.  PASS has varying levels of involvement in making these different “community events” happen.  Some like the Summit require an extreme level of involvement, others like chapters get very little help.  Sometimes the ratio of “glue” used to hold these things together is incorrect and we try to structure things too much in some places and too little in others.  I think this is a normal occurrence in most established organizations, the pendulum swings to far one way or the other and needs to be pushed back a bit.

PASS divided

PASS the organization is merely the infrastructure that holds all of these pieces together.  PASS the organization is nothing without the community volunteers that put their mark on these different community events.

PASS the community is all of the volunteers that support the organization from the BOD, Speakers, SQL Saturday leaders, chapter leaders, etc.  In many cases the same people serve many of these different roles.  PASS is not the SQL Community, its merely a single player in the community but, it requires a large part of the active members in the community to be successful.

What do you see PASS as?

Hopefully, Ive done a decent job with this quick explanation of what I see PASS as but, as always Id love to hear from you if you have different views of what PASS is, or more importantly where it should be headed