If you are reading this, you probably haven’t decided on who to vote for in the PASS Board of Directors election.  You’re not alone!  Here’s a secret [Shhh: don’t tell]  I haven’t decided who I’m going to vote for either.  Have no fear though, for the first year in the history of PASS, there is a literal plethora of information on the PASS Elections Site about the candidates and their stances on “the issues”

So, consider this to be my personal invitation to you to follow my lead and stop procrastinating!!  Go now to the PASS elections site, read about the candidates.  If you want to know something about us, use the forums, and ask.  I know at least 1 candidate that will answer your question.  Once you’ve done all that come back here, Ill still be waiting.  Now, do what I’m going to do:  I’ll be finding the PASS BOD email ballot, then Ill be selecting the link and clicking on “Allen Kinsel” & 2 other candidates then hitting submit!

I’ve never been known to be the subtle type, so I figure no sense in starting now.  If you need a little more subtlety about why I think you should vote for me, look here.  The #1 thing though, is you, PASS Member, you need to vote.  It matters a great deal to our SQL Server community, even if you must vote for someone other than me [I disagree but, understand]..