Last time I wrote about limiting speakers to 1 session per summit, I appreciate the feedback, and thought id take another turn at this topic.

As I was reading the comments it reminded me that last year, I was asked by PASS marketing to pull a list of what we considered “new presenters”.  I thought I would revisit that list and give some of the statistics I discovered.

I want to start by saying I did this research almost 9 months ago, and I didnt reverify that this information was correct enough to post, it was pulled from their submitted bio’s.  So feel free to point out if something is wrong.

We had 85 unique community speakers in 2009.  Of these 85 I was able to identify 17 people who were new to the summit within the prior  year (08 and 09)

Gail Shaw 08
Grant Fritchey 08
Denise McInerney 08
Denny Cherry 09
Jacob Sebastian 09
Brent Ozar 08
Rod Colledge 09
Jamon Bowen 09
Jonathan Kehayias 09
Michelle Ufford 09
Ravindra Gurram 09
Jason Massie 09
Rob Garrison 09
Glenn Berry 09
Kendal Van Dyke 09
Kevin Guinn 09
Trevor Barkhouse 09

Every speaker on this list wasn’t new to speaking, they were new to speaking at the PASS Summit.  Which is exactly the kind of new speakers we’re looking for.

At first glance Id be willing to say that PASS is already doing a pretty good job of involving new speakers.  Using these numbers it looks like we already incorporated approximately 20% new speakers within a particular selection year.  While ultimately I think that number could(should) inch up even higher, Im happy to know that we’re not doing so badly at this that I want to go visit an Access conference just to raise my spirits.