I’ve been focusing on different aspects of speakers and their interactions with PASS lately.  Id like to expand on that and take a large detour.

The AHA Moment

last week while going over some ideas and upcoming changes to the PASS Program Committee with my PASS boss, Jeremiah Peschka I had what I think is a great idea, and Id like to throw it out here and see If I cant help get it off the ground.

Speaker Development

It seems like a lot of the suggestions I’ve been getting lately with regards to the program haven’t really been relevant to the problem I was trying to solve.  At first I thought I wasn’t explaining myself properly or I was writing in the same manner my brain works (all over the place) .  Then It donned on me, maybe I’m trying to solve the wrong problem.  (I know this was definitely one of my greatest moments of clarity).  In a lot of what we do in the program committee we’re really not positioned to help speakers grow perse.  But, speakers still need help, they still want to refine their craft, learn new tricks, etc.  I know I for one would love to get started speaking but, while I can tell who is a good speaker, I certainly don’t know how they got that way, surely they weren’t born with it!!!

The BIG Idea

Why cant we make a new Virtual Chapter within PASS for speaker development.  I think this would provide a great venue for speaker development,  It would be great if we could get the best speakers within the SQL community to give a monthly livemeeting about the different aspects of developing speaking skills.  The topics could range from how to prepare for a topic, how to craft a great abstract, how to create great audience interactivity, how to create great demo’s/powerpoints etc etc.  There are literally hundreds of topics that I could see being presented that would be of great use to developing speakers.  If the idea takes off, I could foresee an exchange of sorts, where hopeful speakers are matched up with experts for mentoring.  Think SQLMatch.com where you look for a mentor for your SQL related speaking!  I think with my grand total of 0 sessions experience I wouldn’t be an appropriate person to lead this VC but, I would certainly be willing to help another more qualified person with the details and help out anywhere needed. 

How can I see this through

If only I had some contacts in the SQL speaker community  who would be willing to present on these topics?  Surely there are some talented SQL Speakers that would be willing to step up to the plate and offer to help out those of us just trying to start the process of learning to present.  Getting willing speakers to talk about these topics should be the hard part, the scheduling/leading the VC should be pretty easy but its still additional work.

So…… Which SQL Community Speaker/Leader wants to help me, help the community, and make this happen?  I’m totally open to any ideas, I’d just like to see this get started!