Spidey 300x225The 2010 PASS Program Committee Call for volunteers is open, We’re looking for the usual assortment of people to help shape the summit in 2010.

Abstract Reviews

Ever wanted to have an input into which sessions are actually chosen for the summitt?  The group of volunteers who do this are chosen from these applications. Its a very challenging endeavor but also very rewarding.

Special Projects

There are literally dozens of separate projects that need to happen every year in order for the Summit to come together appropriately.  Things like setting up the mgmt software, reviewing the ppts, reviewing the chosen abstracts for grammatical errors etc.  These people will also be chosen primarily from the applications received


We need a couple of people who want to be involved in the PASS Program committee at a higher level, who have the time available to commit.  No prior leadership experience is necessarily required, although it would likely be helpful.  The only way we can succeed on a higher level this year is if we can get a few good people who are ready and willing to commit that extra bit and can help.  Also, I have to admit there is a somewhat selfish motive here, I dont see myself staying in this current position forever, and the only way I can move on within PASS (and sleep at night) is if I can start training my replacement.


If your interested in any of this head on over to the survey/application.  The application period this year closes on the 22nd of Feb.  So please do it now while your thinking about it!!

Image thanks to kev/null