Photo By MuseumWales

Hidden gems, you dont often find them but when you do, you should notice 

I just got off a conference call with the great folks at PASS Headquarters.  While on the call I was out looking around the PASS summit site and I found this little piece of #SQLPASSAWESOMENESS

Have you been to 1 or more PASS Summit’s?  well your in luck!!!  This link is for you.  After logging in to the site with the email address you used to register for the summit and your password you should find a screen with every summit since 2006 that you’ve attended.  Inside these links are the gems (recordings/ppts for every session). 

I know some of the sessions might be stale but the information is always valuable because everyone has at least 1 Piece of legacy code in their shop right?  NO, you say?  Well then I guess you’ll have to be satisfied with going back and finding a Buck Woody session and learning a ton while laughing almost nonstop.  (Heres another Tip: His session in 2008 was on powershell and its Code was DBA-302-M)