This one has been sitting on my to do list for a very very long time, actually its been on my list since nearly the day after the 2009 SQLPASS Summit closed.

Admittedly Im not a PASS “Chapter leader”, nor do I attend the meetings in person more than a few times a year (its 3 hrs roundtrip to the local group during lunch) but, Im always looking for ways we can improve processes at PASS and Ive heard too many times to count over the years that we dont do a good job of helping chapters connect with speakers, or even providing a way for the chapters to contact potential speakers.

The other day I contacted Andy Warren about an idea I had for getting a simple speaker bureau off the ground reasonably quick since I know he’s had that on his mind lately.  I’d like to think that his post on that subject was  part of the fruits of that brainstorming session but, Ill never know.  In order to make some of the things we want to do for the community “easier” we need to rework (in a small way) the speaker terms and conditions to allow for it.

Speaker Terms

Every speaker who presents at the PASS Summit is required to sign a contract that protects PASS as well as the speakers, its pretty simple really, even I can read and understand it.  What id like to do is integrate a few “optional” opt in type items that would give PASS the ability to manage the connection between speakers, their submitted abstracts and the chapters that need speakers.  The other day, I had to tell the Appdev VC that I couldnt refer speakers to them nor could I contact a few speakers on their behalf because we had never asked if we could contact the speakers in situations like that.  I suspect many speakers would be ok with occasional contact from PASS HQ when speakers are needed.  This should at least give us the ability to do a better job of making that connection

Help needed

I need a couple of people to hopefully form a small group & decide how best to accomplish this goal.  With any luck someone out there would also like to lead this small group in making this happen.

leave a comment here or contact me at if you’re interested in helping