A new take on an old idea

As if there aren’t already enough blogs around about SQL server I’ve decided to start and build my own.  For those of you tortured lucky enough to know me you’ll know exactly how hard the decision has been to start this blog.

I hope this blog will become a place that I can throw random thoughts about with almost reckless abandon.  I plan on using this place as a sounding board for ideas as well as a place to store my ideas for use at a later time.

I will likely be focusing more on SQLPASS than on SQL Server troubleshooting itself so, this is where this blog will be different from most.  I think SQLPASS could be so much more than it currently is and I intend to do my level best to make that happen

Oh, super huge thanks go out to Brent Ozar (twitter, web) for his awesome how to setup a blog series.  Without that, I would not have this site today.  I owe you a beer at the next SQLPASS Summit!

So, welcome to my world, please feel free to look around (theres nothing else here)